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Fundraising Calendars

Fundraising Calendars for Nonprofits — discounted pricing and online sales

Promote your organization all year long with the highest-quality, most customizable fundraising calendars on the market! A perfect fundraiser for:

  • Humane Society/Pet Rescue Calendar
  • High School Calendar
  • PTA / Elementary School Calendar (school-year calendars available)
  • Church Calendar
  • Service Clubs
  • Tourist Boards/Chambers of Commerce

Finally, a fundraiser that you can really be proud of! Are you tired of selling junk food or wrapping paper (that most people don’t need) to raise money for your organization? Or maybe you are looking for a project that your members can get really excited about participating in! This year raise funds using fundraising calendars that really show off your organization. You supply us with the photos of your choice and your logo and we will supply you with beautiful wall calendars or desk calendars that you can sell to raise money and that will help to promote your organization. You can keep your group’s name, logo, web address and phone number (as well as photos that highlight what you do) on your supporters’ desks or walls 365 days a year.

In case you’re hesitating because you’re worried that people don’t use calendars anymore now that everyone carries a computer around in their pockets. While it’s true that people often plan their lives more on their phones than their wall calendar, the truth is that people still have walls and want to hang things there. Hanging a calendar on the wall can be a personal statement — and it’s not going away anytime soon. The NY Times agrees.

Selling Your Fundraising Calendars Online

Want to sell your fundraising calendars online without the hassle of setting up an e-commerce website? Let us take care of it for you. We can set up a web page on our site, which you can link to, that allows your customers to order and pay for a calendar online using a credit card, PayPal, or by sending in a check or money order. The page can also include sample pages (or the entire calendar) so that customers can see what they are ordering. The money collected offsets the printing costs and at the end of the selling period we send you (or your nominated charity) a check for any surplus collected. We charge a fee of 5% of gross sales (minimum $100) for setting up this capability.

We can also handle distribution for you for online orders by collecting a shipping and handling charge with each order. Again, our goal is to be flexible; if you want to sell and distribute some calendars locally and have us sell and distribute the rest online, that’s fine.

Plese note: we can set-up online sales for you, but we cannot market your calendar. Your online sales will only be effective if you can market the calendar so that people will find the online ordering page — ideally using print, online, and e-mail marketing channels.

Fundraising Calendar Horse

Stylish Custom Wall Calendars…

With Yearbox, you can sell fundraising calendars that are all about your organization — not just generic calendars with your logo added in. Yearbox wall calendars are the most fully-customizable fundraising calendars on the market. Choose one of our stylish designs or let us create a new design just for you. Either way, we will incorporate your photos (up to 15), your logo, and your text into your beautifully-printed custom calendars. You only need to supply the photos, logo, photo captions, and text for as many custom dates as you need and we will do the rest.

… or free-standing Custom Desk Calendars

Custom Desk Calendar

If you are looking for something eye-catching and different, consider the Yearbox desk calendar. Our desk calendars are beautifully designed, customized photo calendars for a table or desk, incorporating front and back covers and twelve full-color photos of your choice, as well as your organization’s details and logo, twin-loop wire-o bound with a heavy card tent-style stand. They are also a lower priced (yet still fully customizable) alternative to the wall calendars.

As a fundraising tool, fundraising calendars have two functions (as fundraiser and promotional piece) that make them versatile and powerful products. Fundraising is easier when you are selling something that you have created. Your members will be happier selling and your supporters happier buying a product that actively supports your organization’s mission (and is also attractive and functional). But your organization will continue to reap benefits long after the fundraiser is over. Yearbox calendars give you a unique opportunity to display a dynamic marketing piece on your supporters’ walls or desks all year long.

Fundraising Calendars with Quality, Style & Service

At Yearbox, we combine your images with stylish design, state-of-the-art digital print technology, and prompt, professional service to give you what we think is the most innovative customized fundraising calendar available.

  • Fully customizable — your photos, text, and logos
  • An exciting range of professionally designed calendar styles
  • Wall calendars or desk calendars
  • High-quality printing process
  • Edge-to-edge printing
  • Begin and end with any month
  • Online ordering — upload your digital photos or mail them in on a disk
  • Scanning service available as well — just send in your photos
  • Want your own look? Custom design services available!
  • Discounted prices for non-profit organizations!

How Much Can You Earn With a Calendar Fundraiser?

Figure out your potential profit using the calculator below

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