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About Yearbox Calendar Printing

If you look online for calendar printers, you’ll find quite a few printing companies that offer calendar printing as one of their products. It’ll be right there in between business cards and catalogs. They will probably have some calendar templates you can use. They might even be able to set up your artwork for you (for a fee), as long as they are not too busy with letterheads or brochures. They will fit your calendar job into their schedule — better just hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

At Yearbox Calendars, we are calendar printers first and foremost. We take your photos, logos, captions and special events and turn them into great-looking, high-quality calendars. We answer all of your questions and eliminate the guesswork every step of the way. Your calendar project will always receive the attention it deserves from us, because calendar printing is all we do! How does our focus on calendars help you? There are several ways:

  • We don’t just know calendars, we truly understand them. Its not just that we get the holidays in the right place and the months all have the correct number of days. (Some other printer might think November has 31, but not us!) But we also know what makes a great calendar design. We know how to add color to your calendar to make your images shine. We know which paper stocks and print finishings work best for your calendar. Furthermore, because we have helped so many organizations with their calendars over the years, we can help you with the planning, organizing and marketing of your calendar. Whether you need to know about calendar photo contests, school fundraising calendars, calendar advertising, calendar pricing, or anything else calendar-related, chances are that we can help. Call us early and call us often!
  • The other printing companies will have a few templates that they can drop your photos into, but calling that a design solution is too much of a stretch for us. Since we are not spread thin, we’ve been able to take the time and develop some fantastic-looking designs that we can further customize to suit your images and your look. We have also developed technology that automates the calendar layout process, saving time and money and avoiding human errors. The resulting artwork, however, can still be completely customized: colors, typefaces, extra images, advertising, extra text — all that can be modified or added in (all at no extra cost, by the way).
  • Finally, we care about calendars. We never think of your calendar waiting for its turn on the press. We take the time to understand what you are looking for in your calendar, and we always do everything we can to make your calendar as beautiful and as successful as it can be. Whether that means helping you come up with ideas for your calendar at the planning stage, applying a little Photoshop magic to your image, choosing colors for each page to make your images stand out, or helping you to sell your fundraising calendar online, we do whatever it takes (and we don’t charge extra). At Yearbox, we believe that being “All Calendars, All the Time” makes us stand out from all the other calendar printers out there. Its what drives our success, but more importantly, its what makes great calendars for our customers!