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Yearbox Help — FAQ

What are payment options?

We accept payments via Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

Payment is due upon or before proof approval. This means that if you wish to withhold your payment until you have seen and approved the electronic proof, that is fine. However, we cannot release your calendar to the press until your payment has been received. For credit card payments, although we will obtain payment authorization from your bank at the time you place your order, we will not charge your account until you have approved your electronic proof.

For nonprofit organizations, we offer 50% credit. This means that a 50% payment is due upon or before proof approval. You will have 30 days after your receipt of the finished calendars to pay the remaining 50%.

Schools, government institutions, and large corporations may also use a purchase order for payment. We will invoice upon shipment with 30 days net payment terms. Medium and small-sized businesses and nonprofit entities may use this credit application to receive 30 days net payment terms.

What are shipping charges?

Shipping charges are calculated during checkout. After entering in your shipping address, you have the opportunity to select your shipping method. You will be given rates for shipping via ground, 3-day, 2-day and overnight. You can use the online ordering to get a shipping estimate without having to place an order — you will see shipping costs before you are asked to enter payment details or to upload photos.

For customers on the East Coast or in the MidWest with orders of 500 or fewer calendars, Priority Mail (available as an option during online ordering) is often the most economical method. Pricing for Priority Mail is $22 per 100 calendars.

For orders of 1000 or more wall calendars, we will usually recommend freight shipping (which is not available as an online option). Compared to ground shipping via UPS or FedEx Ground, freight shipping will typically be cheaper, faster, and less likely to suffer damage in transit. Call or e-mail for a freight estimate.

What about my photos?

After you upload your photos to our server, we move them to our private archive where they are kept off the internet. We will maintain your photos in our archive solely for the purpose of producing any replacement or additional calendars for you. We will never use your photos or allow them to be used for any other purpose. We may request your permission to post images from your calendar on our portfolio page or elsewhere on our website.

We should add that we reserve the right to refuse to print anything we consider to be obscene or pornographic.

Is my personal information kept private?

Your credit card number and other personal information are encrypted before being transmitted on the internet. We will never divulge, give, share, trade, or sell any information you send us to anyone else, unless we are compelled to do so by legal authorities.

Can I order reprints? How much are they?

Yes, you can reorder desk calendars and standard wall calendars in quantities of 25 or more. Reorder quantities that equal to or less than the original order quantity are given a 10% discount from the standard retail price. Reorders of quantities larger than the original quantity are priced as per our standard pricing. There are no set-up charges for reorders.

Large format wall calendars may be reordered in quantities of 250 or more. Reorder quantities that are more than 500 calendars and equal to or less than the original order quantity are given a 10% discount from the standard price. Reorders of less than 500 calendars or of quantities larger than the original quantity are priced as per our standard pricing.

If you need to reorder calendars, just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will send you instructions for reordering online.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. Although we believe that you will be thrilled with your calendar, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results, you may return the calendars (within 30 days) and we will either reprint or refund your order. Please call us first at 877-567-4595.

Can I see my calendar before you print it?

Yes. We will e-mail you an electronic proof of your calendar and obtain your approval before we print it.

How long does my calendar take to produce?

In general, the whole process takes about three weeks from our receipt of your complete order to your receipt of the finished calendar. Your electronic proof will be e-mailed to you within four or five business days of our receiving your order. For orders of 500 or fewer calendars, your finished calendar will be shipped within one week after you approve the electronic proof. Larger orders may require up to an additional week of production time.

How do I upload photos?

Uploading is easy! First you need to place an order online. After you complete the billing and shipping details, click on the “Continue to Photo Upload” button. For wall calendars you will first have the opportunity to choose holidays and enter in custom dates. Then you will be prompted to browse your hard drive for a photo for each month (you also have the opportunity at this time to indicate a caption for each month). Once the files are all selected, simply click the “Submit Once” button and all your files will be uploaded. Once the upload is complete, you will see a confirmation page with previews of your images (the images are not to scale — they are only meant to let you ensure that the photos are assigned to the correct months). If you are satisfied with the preview page, click the “Finish” button.

Help! I'm having problems uploading my images!

If you are having problems with the upload, it may be that your internet connection is having trouble with the size of your images. You can try uploading one or two images at a time. When you get to the confirmation page with the image previews, use your browser’s back button to return to the upload page to upload the next images. Repeat this until all images are uploaded and then click the “Finish” button.

If you are still having problems with the upload, let us know. We can send you a link that will return you to the file upload screen and allow you to finish uploading files or we can help you find another way to get your files to us

How do I mail in photo prints or digital photos on disk?

To mail in photo prints that you would like us to scan in or digital photos saved onto CD, zip disk or floppy disks, follow these steps:

  1. Select the size and design for your calendar.
  2. Check the photo dimensions required for your chosen style and size.
  3. For conventional photos: use post-it notes to mask off areas to be cropped, leaving behind an area that corresponds proportionally to the size identified in step 2. Using pencil (ink often transfers to your photos) write the month and any caption you require on a post-it note attached to each photo.
  4. Place your order online. Print out 2 copies of your transaction receipt, one to keep and one to enclose with your photos. Alternatively, you may print out a copy of your confirmation e-mail to enclose with your photos.
  5. Send your photos and receipt or confirmation e-mail, along with a piece of cardboard to stiffen your envelope, to:

Yearbox Calendars
1152 Cherry Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

If some of your photos are digital and some are prints, you may mix and match. Digital photos may be uploaded or saved to disk and mailed in along with your prints.

Can I use conventional photo prints for some months and digital photos for others?

Yes, you can. See the question above for instructions.

And I get a caption for each photo, right?

Yes, you do. Captions are completely optional. You will be prompted for captions on the file upload screen. Please enter these in exactly as you want them to appear.

What file format should I use for saving my digital photos?

Save your files in jpeg (jpg) format. (In fact, the upload page will only work with jpegs.) When saving as a jpeg, always try to use a high quality setting. With jpegs, a higher quality setting means a lower compression ratio and a bigger file. A low quality setting is often an acceptable way to reduce file size when saving for the web or for e-mail. However, when that low-quality image is printed at high resolution the defects become very apparent. Different applications have different scales for setting the quality level: low-med-high-maximum; 1-12; 0-100, etc. Whatever the scale, the quality setting for your images should be near the top end of the scale (high or maximum or above 70).

If your images are in a different format (such as tif, psd, pdf, or even Powerpoint, let us know. We will work with you to find the best way for you to get your images to us.

How many MegaPixels should my digital camera have?

Digital camera resolutions are usually described in terms of MegaPixels (MP). Although we will always do what we can to enhance your photos and to make them look as good as they can look at any size, for best results, keep in mind the following rule of thumb:

  • Small desk calendars look best with 1MP or better images.
  • Large desk calendars look best with 2MP or better images.
  • Wall calendars look best with 3MP or better images.

At what resolution should I save my digital photos?

Your calendar will be produced on a high-resolution printing  press that will make even a fairly low-res image look good. But for best results we recommend using high-resolution settings on digital cameras and scanners. Keep in mind the ideal cropped image sizes for the various styles, as listed in the answer to the next question — these will give you an idea of what resolution setting to use for a digital camera or scanner.

Should I crop my digital photos before sending them in?

Most of our customers simply send us the photos and let us crop them — remember, you will see an online proof before the calendars are printed. Often it is best for you to let us do the cropping so that we can have flexibility in positioning captions, etc. However, if you prefer, please feel free to crop them yourself. Just remember that all calendar styles that feature photos printed up to the edge of the sheet will have a small amount of photograph (about 1/8″) trimmed off. This means that you need to ensure that nothing essential to your calendar image is too close to any edge. When cropping, please use the following tables, which show the approximate dimensions in inches and in pixels for each style of calendar (for some styles, the image size may vary, depending on placement of captions and/or logos). Even if you are not cropping your images, you can use these tables as a guide to ensure that your images have adequate resolution.

Ideal image resolutions for desk calendars:

Desk Calendar Design
Small Desk Calendar
Large Desk Calendar
#1, #2
2.2 x 3.0
660 x 900
3.4 x 4.25
1020 x 1275
#3, #4, #5
3.6 x 3.8
1090 x 1140
4.8 x 5.5
1440 x 1640
Not available
4.8 x 4.0
1440 x 1200
#7, #8 Horiz
Not available
4.8 x 3.7
1440 x 1100
#7, #8 Vert
Not available
2.9 x 5.5
875 x 1640

Ideal image resolutions for wall calendars:

Wall Calendar Design
Standard Wall Calendar
Large Format Wall Calendar
#1–#3, #10
10 x 7.5
3000 x 2250
11.5 x 11.5
3450 x 3450
11.25 x 6.3
3375 x 1890
12.25 x 9
3675 x 2700
#5–#8, #11
11.25 x 8.63
3375 x 2590
12.25 x 12.13
3675 x 3640
11.25 x 8
3375 x 2400
12.25 x 11
3675 x 3300

My digital photos are lower resolution than you recommend. Is this going to be a problem?

Bear in mind that the resolutions listed above are what work best. Lower resolution photos still work, and in many cases work just fine. If your best photos are not very high resolution, send them in anyway. We’ll have a look at them and let you know if they are going to look good or not.

My digital photos don't look great (the colors are not right, they're too light/dark, etc). What should I do?

Go ahead and send them in too us. We will always do our best to make your photos look as good as they can. If a poor quality photo cannot be sufficiently improved, we will alert you and give you an opportunity to send in a replacement. You might also want to have a look at the links in the next two questions.

How do I get good pictures with my digital camera?

How do I get good pictures with my desktop scanner?

Have a look here: