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Calendar Printing — How to Get Started

get started calendar printing

Ordering your calendars is easy … we do most of the work for you. Please click the links below for more details.

Collect your images

The first step is to gather the images, logos, and text that you want to use for your calendar.

How many photos?

For desk calendars, you’ll need thirteen images — one for each month and one for the front cover. For wall calendars, you’ll need at least thirteen images and possibly more. They have room for thirteen months inside (or you can print twelve months plus one 2-page spread with any text and/or photos that you want), plus the front and back covers. Our file uploader will allow you to upload as many images as you need and designate for each image how it is to be used in the calendar.

Extra images and advertising

For wall calendars, we can include extra small photos on specific dates or in the blank spaces of each calendar grid. We are also happy to include advertising in these blank spaces, or we can make room under the calendar grid for advertising, or we can put advertising on the back cover or the extra 2-page spread. Don’t forget your logo, too — we’ll put it on the front cover, back cover, or anywhere you choose.

Captions, custom dates, & other text

Finally, you will need to gather the text information for the calendar. This includes captions for images, text or other info for the back cover or the extra 2-page spread, and custom date text (text to mark special events within the calendar grid).

Upload your files

When you have everything ready, send us your images and text using our file upload system.

Click to Upload Files

Go to “Start Your Calendar Project” in the “Get Started” menu or click here to begin uploading your images. Upload all your images (including main calendar images, advertising images, images for specific dates or for empty grid spaces) at once or in stages. The file upload system will allow you to designate how each image gets used in your calendar.

Holidays & custom dates

For wall calendars, the file upload system will also allow you to choose holidays and to enter in custom date text. You can enter as many custom dates as you need.

Place Your Order

After you have finished uploading all of your files, including any advertising and  extra images, click the button at the bottom of the upload page and you’ll be able to  place your calendar order, including choosing the calendar design, size, binding, and quantity.

View the electronic proof

Check your e-mail! Once we receive your complete order, we will begin working on the artwork. Usually in about three or four business days, we will e-mail you a link to your electronic proof.

Questions? Let us know!

If you have any questions about your calendar, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us. Likewise, if we have concerns about your order (maybe the resolution on one of your photos looks substandard, for example), we will contact you.

Proof and revise

The proof e-mail that we send you will have a link to a web page showing the entire calendar. Please review it carefully and reply to your proof e-mail with any corrections. We will gladly make revisions and send a new proof as many times as necessary — we’re not happy until you are!

Approve and print

Once you have approved the online proof, we can send you a paper proof (this adds a few days to the turn-around time), or we can send your calendar straight to the press. Depending on the quantity, we will ship your calendars to you about four to seven business days after your final proof approval.