Jack and His Peers 2022 Calendar

Jack and His Peers 2022 Calendar


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This 9"x12″ 2022 wall calendar features photos of Jack and his friends. A portion of the proceeds will be shared with Bluebonnet Animal Rescue Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization rescue that is dedicated to helping save and rehome working livestock guardian dogs.

Meet my buddy Jack. One half of the senior bonded duo Jack and Lilly. I started fostering them for NGPR at the end of August after recently losing my sweet Kobi. ( I adopted them last month) They were in pitiful shape, both HW positive and had ortho issues and no bottom teeth. Jack was only 85 pounds. They responded well to feeling safe and good food, in fact Jack now needs to lose weight. 🙁 Jack started limping and was diagnosed with a CCL tear in his knee and we tried a few months of rehab/restriction and conservative treatment. He wasn't improving so the only option was surgery to relieve his pain. We opted for TPLO and he also needed an abdominal ultrasound because his kidney values look a little questionable like he may be developing kidney disease.
I love to take pictures and decided to put together a calendar to raise some money to help offset medical costs (TPLO surgery is expensive) and donate some to a small LGD rescue at the same time. If you would like to help me help Jack and maybe a few other dogs in need, by purchasing one or more calendars, here is the link - https://www.yearbox.com/.../jack-and-his-peers-2022.../ For those folks who don't want a calendar, but would still like to help, this is my paypal account - paypal.me/forkobi
I would appreciate shares too. 🙂
If you would like more information on fostering and/or adopting, please comment or message me.
His vet is so great. When he was getting the diagnostics, they put him in a run to wait for the vet and he was very fearful and reactive, growling etc....... so they let him hang out with the techs to make him more comfortable. I was worried how he would handle his surgery today and staying the night and they had set up an area in the ICU with clear panels and no top so he could see the goings on and wouldn't feel trapped.
PS on the way to surgery this morning, I saw a Maverick sign at the gas station. My sweet Mav was trying to reassure me. ❤

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