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Making Calendars to Sell Online is Easy with the Yearbox Online Sales Program

Calendar Fundraiser SalesMaybe you’ve thought about producing a fundraising calendar, but have hesitated because you’re not set up for online sales. Or maybe you have have experience with calendar fundraisers, but it’s just too much work for you. Either way, you should consider our online sales program. We set out to design a program where making calendars to sell online is as easy as possible. We prepare your artwork with your images & text (or you do with our online designer), then we do all the rest: we set up online ordering, we handle credit card transactions, we print the calendars, and we ship online calendar orders directly to your customers. All you need to do is promote the calendar via social media and wait for our check with your profits!

Why you should use Yearbox to sell calendars online:

  • Let Yearbox handle e-commerce, credit cards, and order fulfillment
  • Keep up to date with emailed copies of each order placed
  • Pre-sell your calendars to take the guesswork out of calendar quantities
  • Using pre-sales means calendar fundraising with $0 up front costs!
  • Need some calendars in hand for local sales? We can do that, too.
  • Provide your own calendar design, use our online designer, or use our professional design service

A Flexible Program for Making Calendars to Sell Online

We set up our online sales program with maximum flexibility — so that your online sales can be tailored to fit with your needs. Here’s how it works:

  • Using your photos, logos, and text, prepare the calendar design
    (use your own designer, use our online design tool, or send everything to us and we’ll sign it for you)
  • Once the design is ready, tell us how much to charge for your calendar and we’ll set up the online sales page
  • You receive email confirmation of each order placed, including a running total
  • If you know how many calendars you want to print, we can begin production right away — calendar fulfillment begins about two weeks later
  • …Or avoid over-buying by choosing pre-sales and decide later how many calendars to print
    • Pre-sale income goes toward your print costs — if sales go well, you won’t need to pay anything up front for your fundraiser!
  • At the end of pre-sales, decide on quantity and we will print and begin fulfillment in about two weeks
    • We ship calendars to your customers via USPS Package Service or Priority Mail (with tracking #)
      — we charge your customers a shipping & handling fee (a little over $5 for one 8.5″x11″ calendar)
    • We can continue to sell calendars online after that point if you order extras for that purpose
  • You decide the purchase price — 95% goes toward your print costs and then towards your profit
    —Our online sales fee is 5% of gross sales (minimum $100)
  • When sales are finished and/or at the end of the year, we send any profits earned to you via check or via PayPal

A Calendar Fundraiser with Less Risk and Less Hassle

It is important to note that the Yearbox online sales program is NOT a print-on-demand system. With print on demand, each time a calendar is ordered, the printer produces, packages, and ships a single calendar. While digital printing technology makes this possible, printing calendars one at a time like that is quite a bit more expensive than printing in bulk — which means less profit for you.

Instead of print on demand, the Yearbox program allows you to manage risk buy using pre-sales. With pre-sales, you can avoid the risk of ordering more calendars than you can sell since you don’t need to decide on the print quantity until after pre-orders are complete. At the end of pre-sales, you can order exactly enough to fulfill existing orders (and stop taking additional orders) or you can order enough extra calendars to continue with online orders.

With pre-sales, you also have the opportunity to avoid paying anything up front for calendar printing. If you are having us print calendars immediately instead of waiting for pre-sales, then we require payment of at least 50% of the print costs before going to press. If you are pre-selling the calendar before we print it, then as long as your sales are good, that 50% payment should be covered with pre-sale income. For most of our customers, the full print cost is more than covered by pre-sale income, leaving a profit accumulated for the nonprofit.

Making calendars to sell online doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to hire a designer, set up an e-commerce store, process credit card transactions, or deal with inventory, packaging, and trips to the post office. All you need to do is talk to Yearbox! So gather you photos and get started on your calendar using our online designer or using our design team now!