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Business Calendars to Promote Your Company

Business Calendars are a great way to promote your business for an entire year. The typical promotional calendar is pre-printed with stock photos and gets your logo, address, and phone number imprinted onto a flap at the bottom of the calendar. Although they are more expensive, a fully-customized business calendar makes a much better promotional tool. With a fully-customized calendar, you can customize every part of the calendar: the photos, captions, front and back covers, even the text alongside the days of the year. Every square inch of the calendar can be used to promote your company.

A Business Calendar with Customized Appeal

Pre-printed business calendars imprinted with your company details are a cheap way to display your brand for a whole year, but if you opt instead for custom calendar printing, you can do a whole lot more than just display your logo and phone number. Because the whole calendar is available for customizing, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here are a few examples:

  • With a customized business calendar you can select photos that highlight your company’s products or people. A calendar that tells a story about your company or that shows off the personality of your employees will hold much more intrinsic appeal for your customers than a generic calendar.
  • Or give the calendar a local appeal by using photos that showcase local scenery or local events.
  • Use the date boxes to promote seasonal sales, special events, annual meetings, or other specific events related to your company.
  • Make the calendar useful for the whole community by including as many local events as you can.
  • Use your business calendar to interact with your customers and local community by holding a photo contest and publishing the winners in the calendar.
  • A custom business calendar will have an extra page at the end that, along with the back cover, you can use to present any promotional or informational material that you want. Maybe maps for your locations, reprinting reviews of your products, or a message from the company president.
  • Use the empty spaces before the beginning and after the end of each month to include helpful tips or other information related to your products or likely to be useful to your customers.
  • Or make the calendar fun by including humorous quotations or entertaining trivia — either on those empty spaces or on specific dates.

With a little imagination, you can make a customized business calendar that your customers enjoy and look forward to year after year, instead of handing out a generic calendar that might not ever make it onto your customers’ walls.